My recent body of work explores the idea of systems and growth clusters. With systems such as maps, bacteria and the solar system in mind, I am fascinated by the way our world, distant universe and immediate neighborhoods are structured. 


I find interest in the visual similarities between man-made systems such as political boundaries and more organic arrangements such as bacteria. For me, maps and microorganisms can tell a story of human migration. They can document a record of human pursuit. Under a microscope, I see patterns and schemes of microbes that seem to have a plan regardless of the intention of humans. Biological structures and the solar system hint to phenomena that exist partly outside of our human control or understanding. Some systems such as maps and landscape features can organize by the human hand. 

Others such as galaxies and some bacteria do not allow for human intervention.  


While referencing the symbols and familiar structures of these various systems, my work is not meant to actually document anything in particular. I’m not interested in reconstructing those systems and patterns as they are, but to present them as fascinating structures that can be pondered simply for their aesthetic wonder and implication.

​© 2020 Jonathan Fisher